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5x1.5" (125 x 37.5mm) Wheel With Solid Rubber Tire

5x1.5" (125 x 37.5mm) Wheel With Solid Rubber Tire

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Solid rubber tire from Rolko for challenging applications. Resilient, abrasion, resistant and non-marking.  Solid rubber tires with an excellent rolling resistance and optimal driving comfort.  Duel solid rubber tire.  Enhances the comfort of narrow tires. 


Bearing type: Ball bearing
Bore: 8 mm
Carrying capacity: 50 kg
Hub length: 43 mm
Outer diameter: 125 mm/ 5"
Rim: Plastic
Rim color: Black
Size (inches): 5x1.1/2"
Tread type: Treadless
Tire: Solid rubber
Tire color: Grey
Tire tread: Treadless
Tire width: 37,5 mm/ 1.5"

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