Quality Criteria

When defining our quality criteria, we focus on current social developments and new findings in the health, science and technology area. As a dynamic company, we develop solutions in our teams according to the requirements of the respective market and implement these into reliable quality products.


New and innovative products are tested for their suitability in toughest conditions prior to the use in our test benches. Several serial tests are used to assure and monitor the quality of our products.

Reliable Test Benches

We achieve continuous improvements and consistently quality through an internal and supervised test system, which is characterized by movement, pressure or pulling factors. Our manufacturing and testing processes of the instruments and devices are reliable, efficient and subject to constant monitoring by our quality assurance team.

Individual Product Quality Management

Audit procedures perfectly tailored to meet the increasing product and customer requirements provide the customers from Rolko with security and flexible adaptation to new technical requirements. A detailed batch traceability ensures a high degree of transparency between us and our customers.

Process Optimization

Processes are the foundations of our daily work and are thus constantly monitored and optimized in order to provide the maximum benefit for our customers. This work structure is well-rounded by regular quality meetings, supplier evaluations and system audits, in order to continuously improve existing business and production processes as well as sustainably. Process optimizations' is permanently on the agenda at Rolko.