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RolkoSMART: Absolute Puncture Protection for Pneumatic Wheels

In addition to our extensive range of wheels and tires, we also offer RolkoSMART: a modern and reliable system for tire filling. With a filling made of soft-elastic polyurethane foam, we fully replace the air in your tires, making the pneumatic tires of your wheels 100% puncture-proof and almost maintenance-free. With that punctures, damages and breakages are a thing of the past.

SmartTire Example Inside
SmartTire Example





How does RolkoSMART work?

With our professional tire filling system, we extract the air from your pneumatic wheels and inject a soft elastic two-component filling based on polyurethane into the tube. After curing for approx. 24 hours, the wheels have running properties similar to air wheels, but are 100% puncture-proof, more robust than polyurethane wheels and show excellent durability as well as low wear.

Comparison table



Polyurethane Tire

Pneumatic Tire

Puncture-proof tire filling

Suitable for almost all tire sizes

Very high durability

Unlimited mobility

Hardness grade adjustable while filling

Retrofitting to existing wheels (even if they are not from Rolko)

Use of the tire with damages usually possible

Very high load capacity, also suitable for heavy-duty applications

No pressure loss / fluctuations

Puncture-proof tire

Different tire sizes available

High durability

Unlimited mobility

Hardness grade adjustable during manufacturing


Use of the tire with small damages possible

High load capacity

No pressure loss / fluctuations

No puncture-protection

Different tire sizes available

High durability

Restricted mobility

Air pressure adjustable when inflating


Use of the tire with damages not possible

High load capacity

Pressure loss / fluctuations

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