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14x3" (350mmx70mm) Complete drive wheels for Pride 3.00-8 Wheel.  Rolko foam filled soft elastic polyurethanewheels are puncture proof and all black tires are non-marking. Rolkosmart fill eliminates the need for air in the tire and thus eliminates annoying flat tires.  It will not lose tire pressure and tire can still function with minimal damage. 


COMPATIBILITY:   7120004(PQ) WHL133556




14x3" (350x70mm) Complete Drive For PerMobil 3.00-8 Wheel

  • Wheel type: Complete
    Compatible: Premobile 3.00-8
    Brand: Rolko
    Tubeless: Puncture proof foam filled tire
    Outer diameter: 14"
    Rim: Aluminum
    Rim color: Silver
    Size (inches): 14x3"
    Tread type: Street
    Tire: grooved
    Tire color: Black
    Tire tread: Tread less
    Tire width: 3"


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