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Puncture-proof belt, groove tread, Black, 4PR.  Specially designed bearing spacer makes installation quick and easy. No washers necessary.

2.80/2.50-4" (200x50mm) Pneumatic Tire

SKU: PD280250B
  • Air pressure: 3,5 bar/50psi
    Carrying capacity: 120 kg/264
    ETRTO: 70-100
    Max. speed: 16 km/h
    Outer diameter: 230 mm
    PLY-Rating: 4PR
    Size (inches): 2.80/2.50-4"
    Special feature: Puncture-proof
    Tread type: Groove
    Tire colour: Black
    Tire tread: R-103
    Tire width: 70 mm
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