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About RolkoNA

Rolko North America, Inc. is a subsidiary of Rolko Kohlgruber Gmbh, a leading manufacturer and supplier of components and accessories for the rehabilitation market as well as, mobility solutions for companies from various industrial sectors.  Rolko's headquarters is in Germany, with subsidiaries in Denmark, Netherlands, United States, and a production plant in Asia; ensures advice, support, and delivery around the globe. 

Manufacturers and specialist retailers from over 80 countries rely on the extensive delivery program of Rolko, which includes wheels, tires, puncture-proof solutions and other components for wheelchairs and rehabilitation equipment. Rolko also offers rehabilitations aids such as wheelchair ramps, weather protection, transfer aids, seating and 
positioning aids, and accessories
for scooters, power and manual wheelchairs.  With over 30 years of industry experience, Rolko is here to meet your wheelchair needs. 

Florian, Javier, and Mark at Denver Expo 2022
Rolko Quality Assurance
Rolko Quality Test Products
Rolko Innovators and Design Team
Extensive Quality Testing
30 Years Experience  Creating Dependable and Quality Tested Products.
LED Wheels
Rolko Drive Wheel
Rolko Complete Wheel
Rolko Easy Transfer Disk
Rolko Belts and Seat Belts
Foot Positioning Products
Parking Brakes
Push Rims
Arm Rests
Wheelchair and Walker Umbrellas
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